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Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme donut is a multinational based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina (USA). The group was founded in 1937, and in addition to restaurants in most of the country, sells its products in gas stations, shopping malls and hypermarkets like Walmart. 

The chain is present in international markets, and compete in your industry with other groups such as Dunkin 'Donuts and Mister Donut. 

The chain was founded by Vernon Rudolph, a cook who worked with his uncle at a bakery in Kentucky, where he began making donuts. The first store called Krispy Kreme opened in 1933 in Nashville (Tennessee) with the support of Vernon, but soon it would sell its stake. With the money earned, Vernon opened in 1937 donut shop in Winston-Salem (North Carolina), who became the first known local brand. At that time, Rudolph sold directly donut shops, and later began to do so individually.

Krispy Kreme began expanding to other states in 1946, and two years later opened a bakery in Winston-Salem, where he was preparing the dough for donuts that supplied to other premises. At the end of the decade, the chain had 29 stores in 12 states. When Vernon Rudolph died in 1973, the chain had 94 local and 25 régmen own franchise.

The heirs sold the group to Beatrice Foods Co. two years after his death in 1975. Under his management costs were cut, the donut ingredients were changed and even new products were introduced as sandwiches. The new measures slowed the growth of Krispy Kreme in the 1980s, when some of the oldest franchises closed. In 1982 a group of franchisees purchased the group. The new owners pushed for sales to the wholesale market, the recovery of the original recipe and selling hot donuts, a few minutes of preparation. The latter was one of its biggest advertising claims.

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