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Jollibee Foods Corporation

Jollibee Foods Corporation, better known as Jollibee, a Filipino company is managed by fast food restaurants.

Its parent is the Jollibee chain, which has more than 750 local and industry is the country's largest chain specializing in dishes such as burgers, fried chicken, rice, pasta and breakfast. He also leads the franchise Chowking (Chinese cuisine), Greenwich Pizza (Italian), Red Ribbon (pastries) and Mang Inasal and Burger King franchise in the Philippines.

The group is part of the Philippine Stock Exchange, the largest Philippine stock index.

In 1975, businessman Tony Tan Caktiong opened an ice cream parlor in Quezon City, which later began selling other fast food meals. Three years later, the family hired a consultant to advise them on their business. He recommended that they focus on hotdogs and hamburgers, to find that the market potential of this product was superior.

The January 28, 1978 the company Jollibee Foods Corporation was created with seven Jollibee restaurants in the metropolitan area of ​​Manila and Yumburger as its flagship product. Those responsible for the group traveled to the U.S. and took steps that were having success there, as promotions or style of work, to implement them in the Philippine market. In addition, the number of businesses expanded under a franchise system and became the main family fast food chain. In the mid-1980s assumed leadership of the catering industry after overcoming market share to McDonald's, and in 1986 began its international expansion with the opening of its first store in the Republic of China (Taiwan).

To consolidate its leadership in the Philippine market, began to be made with other restaurant chains in the 1990s. Acquired Greenwich Pizza in 1994, specializing in pizza and pasta. Six years after it won Chowking, with Asian cuisine. In 2000 bought the Red Ribbon bakeries line and in 2010 was made with Mang Inasal, centered barbecues and local specialties. In 2011 he took a controlling stake in BK Titans Inc., the company that carries the Burger King franchise in the Philippines.

In late 2012, the group has 765 Jollibee restaurants in the Philippines and more than 2,000 by the sum of all its brands. Maintains its leadership in the domestic market options.

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