martes, 8 de enero de 2013

Michael Newton

Michael Newton may not be someone most of you have heard of and you may even think he is not a historical figure, but he most definitely is in the UK. Michael changed the UK in big ways back in 1982 when he started with a CCTV system that basically monitored how long a person was at a table (in a bar). He soon introduced a line of multi-channel systems able to view across a broad range of areas all at once and not just in a singular location. He continued to add new systems to his arsenal and introduced them all to the UK. Today using Michael’s CCTV systems, over 7 million images are recorded a second!

If it wasn’t for his ingenuity and passion for what he did, it may not have been another few years until the introduction of a similar CCTV device, Not only did he make a fortune through his business; he also helped to make the UK a more secure and safe place to be. In 1994 due to his enthusiastic interest within aviation he began to learn how to fly; and soon passed his pilots license, not long after passing his pilots exam, he decided to go into the aviation industry to try his hand at a new sector. In 1998 he made the move into the commercial airline sector of the industry, which eventually led to the AD Aviation company he is now the CEO of.

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