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Charles kemmons Wilson

Charles kemmons Wilson, is best known for his outstanding commitment and passion the hotelier business. Rumour has it that Charles came up for his idea of his business venture after a road trip brought to his attention the fact that many of the roadside motels, were definitely not up to scratch in both quality and consistency for that era. He decided to become a hotelier, he wanted to make hotels and motels; more friendly, consistent, of a higher quality, and be somewhere that people really enjoy coming back to again and again. He and his business partner Wallace E. Johnson named the business Holiday Inn of America, rumoured to have come from one of his architects as a joke referring to the Bing Crosby movie. They went on to create for Motorola’s in the Memphis area and it was a great success, in 1957 Wilson franchised chain and it grew dramatically. By 1958 Wilson and Johnson had managed to create 50 different Holiday Inns, all across the country, by the following year that had double to 100, and within five years the number of Holiday Inns, had reached a level of 500 (1964). Remarkably Wilson had managed to reach the magic number 1000 different Holiday Inn’s across the country by 1968, just over a decade from starting a business from scratch.

Wilson created some innovative ways to leveraged the market, which puts a lot of pressure financially, on traditional hotels as well as its bigger competitors such as Howard Johnson’s, Best Western, and even the Ramada Inn Company. There were 1400 holiday Inn hotels across the world by 1972, which funnily enough was the same year that Charles Wilson was on the cover of Time magazine. In 1979 Charles Wilson decided to retire from the hotelier business, and in doing so retire from the Holiday Inn, although this broke his heart he knew it was the right thing to do. The Holiday Inn Corporation (Holiday Corporation), was taken over by the UK-based company Bass PLC. However it wasn’t until 1990 when Charles Wilson sold the remainder of his shares to Bass PLC that the company gained full control, the company that was known worldwide. As a side note about also out that Charles Wilson also created many different businesses related to the Holiday Inn

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