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Larry Ellison Story

Larry Ellison
The founder and current strongman of Oracle, Larry Ellison, began the history of what is now the number two software worldwide for 33 years and with only $ 2,000 in your pocket. But today, after 30 years of being steered the company, is one of the richest men in the world with a fortune of 39,000 million dollars.

Unlike other technology billionaires (like their greatest enemy has always been Bill Gates) Ellison's eccentricities are endless and not concealed, nor seeks to equalize the burden of having so much money to altruistic actions.

As for the business itself, is considered a great strategist and a great visionary, because he knew that just being at the right time in the right place, it would leave out the ability to sense where he was the business that would lead success. And that business was in the software database.

Lawrence Joseph Ellison, son of single mother, was born in Chicago in 1944 and lived with his uncles middle class until he entered the University of Illinois, although the studies were not strong and left everything soon.

One of his early works in the Silicon Valley was Ampex, the company that appointed him to take charge of building a database for the CIA. And while that project was not as expected, was one of the catapults toward the formation in 1977, Oracle.

Thus it was that, along with Bob Miller developed the great manager of databases that had as one of its first major customers IBM, who adopted his system by 1981. Banks, supermarkets, airlines, all sectors began to be their customers and to top it in 1995 moved his business to the Internet to become the management software database that is currently used by the vast majority of websites.

In just ten years, the company already exceeded one billion billing. And continued to rise to routing and even surpass, according to the wishes of Ellison to Microsoft.

Since 2000, started big acquisitions: PeopleSoft for U.S. $ 10,300 million, more than 5,800 Siebel million, HotSip, Swedish producer of software and Sleepyca U.S. were few. This not only consolidated the number one database, but also in reference to management systems.

His words say it all: "Are you crazy? Yes, indeed. You see, when people say you're crazy, there are two possibilities. One is that we really have a great idea, outside of convention. If everyone thinks the PCs are the future and are not, but you have not noticed first, you have a huge advantage over others because they will not follow you. "

Crazy or visionary, the fact is that Oracle is number two in the world of technology, always with the ambition to be number one, although he did not go ahead because his life archrival, Microsoft, or rather Bill Gates.

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