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History of Lee Shau Kee

Lee Shau Kee
Lee grew up in the province of Guangdong, southern China. He moved to Hong Kong in 1948 where he became a pioneer in the real estate industry. Throughout his career, Dr. Lee has earned a reputation for ethics and people skills and his ability to make smart investments. In 1996, Dr. Lee was fourth in the list of Forbes' richest men in the world. "

As one of the major employers in Hong Kong, Dr. Lee has made significant contributions to the economic prosperity of Hong Kong. He is also a respected philanthropist who was instrumental in the creation and success of many important initiatives of the educational community and Hong Kong, mainland China and abroad. He has made generous contributions to higher education and training, including major grants to nine universities in Hong Kong.

Through the Lee Shau Kee Foundation, Dr. Lee has also provided scholarships, building funds and other generous support to colleges and universities around the world. In 1982, Dr. Lee established the Pei Hua Education Foundation, which has taken a visionary approach to improving human resources and provide education and training opportunities in mainland China. In late 2005, through Lee Shau Kee Foundation, Dr. Lee donated RMB330 million to launch the largest in the history of mainland China based on the charity of farmer training program: "Project Heat ". With support from the Central Government, the program provides vocational training for farmers and 1,000,000 10 000 village doctors in 1000 counties across the country.

Dr. Lee has received numerous awards throughout his career also been awarded honorary doctorates in Business Administration, Social Sciences and Law, and honorary fellowship by the local and foreign universities. Only in 2008, Dr. Lee received an honorary doctorate from Fudan University, was named an honorary member and strategic advisor to the Tsinghua University, and was named honorary director of Peking University.

In recognition of his lifelong dedication to education and its contribution to the community, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region awarded to Dr. Lee, with its highest honor, the Grand Bauhinia Medal (GBM) in October 2007.

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