lunes, 1 de agosto de 2011

History of David Kenneth Roy Thomson

David Kenneth Roy Thomson
David Kenneth Roy Thomson, Third Baron Thomson of Fleet (June 12, 1957) is a Canadian businessman, son of Canadian billionaire Kenneth Thomson. Inherited a vast fortune and the title of his father's death, who in turn inherited it from his father. Thomson Corp, a media conglomerate in which the family has a 70% stake. The grandfather was the one who founded the business in 1934. In May this year made a bid for 17 billion dollars, his family's fortune amounted to 23 billion dollars.

The company let go of print media to engage in software and electronic media. Along with his brother Peter managed investment portfolio of the family, Woodbridge. It is well known for collecting art, and is committed to Kelly Rowan, star of the television series The OC.

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