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Alexei Mordashov History

Alexei Mordashov
Alexei Mordashov was born on September 26, 1965, was born in Russia and is the son of mill workers, and studied economics at the University of Leningrad in the mid-eighties. Shortly thereafter he was appointed finance director of a steel company.

When the CEO of the company told him to buy shares of the company to not fall into the hands of strangers, Mordashov bought almost all his own. He became CEO of the company and began building a conglomerate, acquiring automakers, coal companies, ports and transportation companies.

Today his company Severstal is the third largest steel maker in order to grow a lot the next few years. In a bid to expand internationally, Mordashov bought Rouge Industries businesses in the United States and Italy's Lucchini. He also lost a battle with Lakshmi Mittal to compare the giant steelmaker Arcelor.

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