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Richard Branson History

Richard Branson
Whether in business or looking for excitement, this billionaire can do better than anyone, or at least his career he says. From building an empire of more than 200 companies and 25,000 employees to break records in the air or water, Richard has done it all. How did you become one of the richest men in the world? The simple answer is that it gives the old products and services in new ways while focusing on industries in which customers were served slightly and serve better.

Born in England in 1950, was an entrepreneur from the beginning. With two failed attempts (the cultivation of Christmas trees and increased parakeets), and to his credit, by the age of 16 years, this serial entrepreneur had successfully started his first company (a student magazine) and in his path to extraordinary success. At the age of 20 years, had the idea to dedicate the last pages of your publication ads mail order cheap disks. In 1973, only 23 years, Branson had already prospered enough to have a chain of shops called Virgin Records, recording studios and record label in Oxford Street in London.

In 1972, Virgin had signed its first artist, Mike Oldfield. 5 million copies later, Virgin Music had made a name for himself, later signing names such as the Sex Pistols, Culture Club, The Rolling Stones, Phil Collins, Genesis, and Janet Jackson. Controversial and provocative, Virgin was about to be a world-renowned brand.

Formed in 1984, Virgin Atlantic Airways was profitable in its first year. Its three service classes - Economy, Premium Economy and Upper Class - not including the flight drinks and meals, often including ice cream, and rear-seat personal TV, which was launched by Virgin. The high-class passengers can request complimentary limousine service to and from the airport and has access to the Virgin Club Lounge at Heathrow Airport, where massage and grooming services are available.

With an appetite for the industry, Virgin has continued to diversify its interests. In 1997, Virgin attempted to redefine the rail industry train high-tech and advanced levels of service. In other action, the company launched Virgin Mobile. Appealing to young people, the company has no contracts and gives a twist to the traditional cell phone business. Virgin even has its own soft drink and vodka, although none of them has been a tremendous success.

$ 200,000 per person, Virgin Galactic plans to bring customers into suborbital space, offering customers the chance to experience weightlessness for seven minutes in a scaled version of the SpaceShipOne

Having started his first love, at the age of 17 years, Richard has remained generous throughout his life. He is currently a board member of numerous charitable organizations, including the Virgin Health Foundation, a charity focused on AIDS and health education. More recently he has committed U.S. $ 3 billion over the next ten years to fight global warming which will invest all profits from his train and airline divisions in renewable energy initiatives and clean.

As impressive as your portfolio, your bank accounts, and his list of achievements can, however, perhaps the greatest achievement of Branson is building a fabulous life for him. Travel the world, spends the winter holidays with his family in South Africa and the summers on his private island in the Caribbean.

This millionaire 61 years leading from his own island Necker, an empire of $ 7 billion that came up as a teenager and now includes wedding dresses, cosmetics, airlines, cell phones and electronic products.

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