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Fred DeLuca History

Fred DeLuca
Fred DeLuca is the founder of Subway Sandwiches and Salads. With more than 13,000 stores in 62 countries, Metro is considered by many as the whole system of the most successful franchises worldwide.
The "system" metro uses thousands of employees of the store owners and vendors who supply the system with a net worth billions.

Fred DeLuca started with just a sandwich shop in 1965 at the age of 17 years. I was looking for a means to supplement their minimum wage. We asked advice from a family friend Dr. Peter Buck. a nuclear physicist who suggests a sandwich shop, had been quite successful in his hometown.

Fred knew he needed a little capital to finance the project and Dr. Fred Buck gives $ 1000 dollars in capital and thus became a member of Fred. The store is super subs even called Pete by Peter Buck.

To Fred and Peter, who was not easy, in fact, the first store was struggling to survive when the two decided to open a second store. This second store struggled to survive as well. Instead of throwing in the towel on a bold move that many experts think it was ridiculous, a third store opened in a conspicuous place. The third was the charm for the association.

The rest is history with the first opening of "franchised" in Wallingford, CT, in 1974. The international franchise first arrived 10 years later in Bahrain, off the coast of Saudi Arabia.

After consolidation in the U.S. due to its franchise model, Subway decided to expand into Europe and the Americas. With the passage of time passed to other non-traditional markets such as the inside of several Wal-Mart stores, college campuses, or U.S. military bases abroad.

The franchise was the plan to provide brand exposure, business expansion, and an opportunity for people wishing to open a "business system" themselves.

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