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History of Duncan Bannatyne

Duncan Bannatyne is one of the most successful businessmen in Britain, was born on February 2, 1949 in Scotland, grew up in Clydebank, in his teens Duncan joined the Navy. At the age of 19 after having a disagreement with his commanding officer Duncan left the Navy. Then Duncan went to live in New Jersey. Duncan soon developed a reputation as a big party animal. One morning, while sitting on the beach told his then girlfriend, who moved to Stockton-on-Tees and become millionaires. I did not know their personal wealth soon grow to over $ 130 million.
While living in Stockton-on-tees Duncan bought an ice cream truck. At the age of 31 and owned his own business known as Super Ice Duncan. The business soon expanded to four vans resulting in a turnover of $ 300,000. Duncan soon sold his business and moved to the Quality Care Nursing Homes, and to establish Children's Just Learning Day Care Centers. Duncan ended up suffering a serious leg injury that took him to a gym for the first time. Duncan Bannatyne Fitness Ltd quickly established, which includes more than 30 health clubs. The gym had an annual turnover of $ 30 million.
Still maintaining his business interests Duncan also became an actor. One project of Duncan for the first time in show business was Dragons Den. Duncan became the BBC's Dragon, the Dragons Den. Duncan is also known for his appearance on BBC 1, Mind Your Own Business. His entrepreneurial instincts and business and in no way his business success helped him get the papers. Duncan played a small role in Ritchre Guy in a gangster movie.

Duncan pursues hobbies and sports like running, climbing, skiing and diving. He also likes to spend his time working with charitable organizations. Such charities are UNICEF and Scottish International Relief. Duncan also established the Bannatyne Hospice for children with HIV and AIDS in Romania.
Duncan Bannatyne is now the director of Bannatyne health clubs, an exclusive hotel, bar and casino and new housing developments. Duncan talks candidly about his life and motivates and inspires his audiences. Duncan Bannatyne has come a long way. Who knew how true that was when he told his then girlfriend, who would become millionaires? No, do not know what the future holds for him, but either way Duncan Bannatyne will always be a role model for many.

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