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Yahoo! History

In 1994, Jerry Yang and David Filo were graduate students at Stanford University, in an office mounted inside a mobile home located on the campus of Stanford University discovered the existence Filo Mosaic browser and he and Yang immediately engaged with. To keep track of all the pages they visited were organized by subject and then published on the Web.

The first names that received the project were "Fast Track to Mosaic Jerry," Jerry Yang's Guide to the WWW "and" Jerry and Dave Guide to the World Wide Web. "Yang and Filo replaced all with something more suitable for Directory: Yahoo.

There are several versions about the name Yahoo, the original version circulating in Yahoo! official headquarters in Sunnyvale, California is that it comes from the name of some characters in the book Gulliver's Travels Jonathan Swift's Yahoos. The story goes that the house of David Filo, Co-founder of Yahoo, the latter's father called David and Jerry "a couple of Yahoos" by nature restless and they decide to use the name Yahoo! for your portal.

The traffic of Yahoo, surpassed 100,000 hits per day for late 1994. Yang and Filo could claim that they were getting more activity on the Web than anyone else in the world and without advertising. A year later, the daily visits to the website of Yahoo reached a million.

Sequioia In 1995, venture capital firm invested in Yahoo! a million dollars for the 25% stake and the March 2, 1995 Yahoo! was incorporated as a company, in May of that year moved to Stanford campus an office in Silicon Valley and named Tim Koogle, president and CEO of the new company.

On April 12, 1996 Yahoo! began trading on the stock market in New York on NASDAQ, selling 2.6 million shares under the symbol YHOO, thirteen months of becoming a business, Yahoo had a market capitalization of $ 849 million market.
Already in 1997 the shares of Yahoo! rose 511 percent the following year, another 584 percent. What sold for $ 13 the day of the initial issuance of shares became $ 1,335 in January 1999. If you had the opportunity to invest $ 9,738 in shares that day in April 1996 would have $ 1 million three years later.

Among the services that Yahoo offers its users are Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo Messenger, Yahoo Group, Yahoo Games, Yahoo Shopping, Yahoo Auctions, etc.. Yahoo has expanded globally with 13 worldwide sites of Yahoo, which include the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Italy, Korea, Singapore, Japan, Australia / New Zealand, Canada, China and Yahoo in Spanish.

For product Yahoo! in Spanish, Yahoo has an office in Miami, who is also head of Yahoo! Mexico, Argentina and Brazil. This office is known as the corporate Yahoo! Latin America.

Yahoo has begun to make strategic contracts with telecommunications companies and local search worldwide, such as British Telecom in the UK, Rogers Communications in Canada, Interactive Ideas (Yahoo! Pages Useful) in Mexico and SBC Communications in Canada.
In order to increase its lead in search for web pages (the main claim) Yahoo has made acquisitions such as Inktomi in December 2002 and Overture in July 2003 (together with its subsidiaries, Altavista, AllTheWeb) and has been Mexico out an alliance with a company called Interactive Ideas to launch a printed telephone directory under the brand Yahoo! Pages Useful, breaking molds and complementing its local search strategy in the physical world, this allows you to compete with Google and the new function MSN Search.

Yahoo! today operates in over 70 countries which are respected Web site designs that gave many results to the dynamic duo.
On February 1, 2008, Microsoft made an offer to buy Yahoo for $ 44.6 million offer that would later be rejected by the company arguing that the amount detracts from the company.

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