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Volvo History

The Volvo brand was created on April 14, 1927 in Gothenburg, Sweden. For the financial Assar Gabrielsson and engineer Gustaf Larsson, the company was formed with the main idea of quality and safety, a concept that still applies to Volvo cars today, in the year of its foundation sold 297 units. One of his first cars to see the light, it was Jacob.

Volvo produced several models built to withstand the harsh climate of Sweden, as in the case of the four cylinders OC4 and PV4. These models and bear the insignia of the mark consisting of the circle and arrow, which represents the iron symbol to the ancient alchemists - an aspect of Volvo's heritage that can still be seen today.

In 1929, the 6-cylinder PV651 model, was introduced which was larger and longer than the Jacob. Its success helped the company to purchase its engine supplier and put its first factory.

The first big mass production takes place in 1932 with 10,000 units. At the same time, shareholders are starting to ask Volvo to develop cars more affordable for the average buyer. Ignoring this demand, the PV 51 is built in 1936, which is similar in design to the more expensive PV36, but smaller and less equipped.

Security features and accident protection were a key factor in the design of their cars, and were improved in 1959 when Amazon and PV544 models are equipped with safety belts 3-point, an invention unique to Volvo.

The proposal to merge with Renault, declined in 1993 leaving Volvo as one of the few remaining independent manufacturers. This marked a change in the company's plans and paved the way for a new production strategy S40 and V40 models. These vehicles, like the C70 Coupe and cars introduced in 1996, combining the traditional security methods, a careful design, with touches of sporting and elegant at the same time.

Considered one of the most trusted brands of the world, Volvo has the honor to appear since 2002 in the Guinness Book of Records by an American named Irv Gordon who recorded the longest distance traveled in tourism: 3.2 million kilometers a Volvo P1800.

In 2008 Volvo produced 15,000,000 unity in the assembly line located in the Swedish town of Uddevalla.

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