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SAP History

In 1972, in Mannheim, Germany, three former engineers from IBM engineers had an idea. They wanted to produce software that was made standard in the market for integrated business solutions and launched the small business (with a compressed name) called "Systemanalyse and Programmentwicklung." Since then, this company is called SAP (Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing).

From the beginning, was dedicated to SAP software for business applications. In collaboration with business and IT executives and taking worldwide partners SAP developed a unique way to understand the challenges encountered in implementing technology solutions for business users, developing software that can help companies integrate their business processes helping the entire enterprise run more orderly. The versatile and modular systems can be quickly and easily adapted to new business processes so that their ability to grow as they grow the business.

Today, SAP is the largest developer of software for business applications in the world and the fourth largest independent software vendor, in absolute terms. More than 7,500 companies (more than 15 000 rooms), in over 90 countries chose SAP systems for mainframe and client / server financial control processes, manufacturing, sales, distribution and human resources essential to their operations. R / 3 is considered standard in industries such as petroleum, chemical, consumer products and high technology / electronics.

SAP had a 41% increase in sales turnover of U.S. $ 5 billion in 1998. During 1998, SAP further strengthened its leadership position in the market for corporate software during its strong strategic expansion. The company hired over 6,500 professionals to its global staff, primarily in the areas of research and development, sales and consulting. These long-term investments will enable SAP to double revenue in three years neighbors.

SAP is a public company with shares traded on stock exchanges in Germany and Switzerland, and in 1995 the company was included in the DAX, the index of German business. In the U.S., American Depository Receipts (ADR) without restrictions of SAP are traded under the symbol Saphy.

SAP is the world leader in providing collaborative e-business solutions. With 36,000 installations serving 10 million users from 13,500 companies in 120 countries worldwide, SAP has become the third largest independent software major, SAP currently employs more than 23,700 people in over 50 countries.

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