lunes, 17 de enero de 2011

Plenty of Fish - Markus Frind

Markus Frind at age 29, won $ 10,000,000 in 2007 to work 8 or 10 hrs. per week! and doing that thing.
Markus founded and managed just Plenty of Fish a very popular dating site that generates 1.2 billion page views per month, has developed software that works almost entirely automated, allowing you to have much free time. On average, he works 10 hours a week from his apartment in Vancouver, British Columbia
When Frind built the Plenty of Fish Web site in 2003 did it as a simple exercise to learn a new programming language, ASP.NET.
The site first became popular among English-speaking Canadians and then started gaining popularity in many U.S. cities. According to data from comScore Media Metrix in November 2007, Plenty of Fish had 1.4 million unique visitors in the United States. In December, Frind said, the site offered 1,200 million page views, and page views increased 20% from 26 December.
Despite earning Adsense millionaires Plenty of Fish is a neglected aspect in the images because in most pages, many of the faces will be lengthened or wrinkled because Frind not bother to write the software code automatically adjust the size of the frames or trim the photos to prevent distortion.
Plenty of Fish has banner ads, ads from Google and what is more profitable marketing links "associated" to send users to other dating sites. For example, Frind said in an interview, when a customer clicks on the advertising of a book called "Double your dating" (redoubles your date) and, after being directed to the publisher's Web site, ends up buying it for USD40, the publisher pays a fee to Plenty of Fish - of USD4 - for sale.
To date Plenty of Fish is the most popular in England, the United States and Canada, they think if they hire employees and translated into other languages your site. Perhaps Microsoft already has their eyes on this site, if you bought 240 million or 1.6% of Facebook, The pay for Plenty of Fish?, Without a doubt this is a story that is still starting.

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