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Hyatt Hotel History

Hyatt Corporation was born in 1957 when Jay Pritzker, founder, noted the growing importance of the hotels on a short business trip to Los Angeles. They stayed at a Hyatt hotel owned by Von Dehn, a California investor, impressed with the quality of the hotel, Pritzker bought along with the Hyatt name in the same trip.

In the next twelve years the company grew quickly, first with hotels located near airports and then in the center of cities. Innovative reputation of the Hyatt hotels dating back to 1966 when it completed construction of the Hyatt Regency Atlanta, which caused great impact design because of its enormous difference to the hotels that were in place.

In 1969 the company became international with the opening of the Hyatt Regency Hong Kong. Subsequently built hotels in Manila, Acapulco and Singapore, among others, all framed within the chain Hyatt International Hotels, a division that handled the establishments located outside the United States.

Although Hyatt Hotels Corporation and Hyatt International Corporation are separate companies with their respective presidents and philosophies, there are many things that work together: marketing programs and reservation system, among others.
Hyatt International has its main base in Chicago (USA) has hotels around the world, with great locations and the number continues to increase steadily, under the direction of Bernard Chorengel, its president, has grown to become one of the largest hotel chains the world.
One of the success factors of the company has been to use local art and decoration in the design of its hotels, reflecting the lifestyle, the country's heritage and emphasis on native produce and food of the place.

Each Hyatt International hotel is designed exclusively for the place where it is built, complementing the environment. Different sites require different styles of hotels. The most numerous are the Hyatt Regency, generally located in major cities worldwide.
The hotels in this company may differ in terms of its scale:
• The Grand Hyatt hotels, are greater than the Regency and built only in large cities. • The Park Hyatt Hotels: they are smaller in concept, designed to provide a very special style and personal service. • The Hyatt Resorts: special to the holiday season, these hotels are in summer resorts and winter recreation and offer guests many choices of entertainment and recreation.
The future for Hyatt International is favorable, with the construction of hotels in several countries, ongoing customization of a service, updating its technology and design at its hotels around the world. There are 200 Hyatt hotels worldwide. Hyatt International, through its subsidiaries, operates 51 hotels and 16 resorts in 33 countries and others under construction.

Hyatt Hotels Corporation, as a separate company, operates 104 hotels and resorts in the United States, Canada and the Caribbean.

On April 1, 1992 opened Park Hyatt Buenos Aires. This is the most elegant five-star hotel in the city whose management is in charge of Hyatt International Corporation. The investment was 55 million dollars. This is the first Park Hyatt chain in South America and the ninth in the world.
Park name refers to a different concept. The Park Hyatt hotels are characterized by small and very luxurious, very magnificent architectural and design level. Guests of these hotels enjoy a very personalized service that exceeds the expectations of even the most demanding.

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