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Hotusa Hotels History

Hotusa Hotels History is characterized by the joining of forces of a group of entrepreneurs who saw that together they could build a hotel empire.
1977 .- Nace HOTUSA (United Tourist Hotels SA) resulted from the willingness of a group of 3 independent hoteliers wishing to exploit the synergies of the large companies without losing their own entity. This creates a type of pioneer association in Europe. The company, under the baton of its Director General and CEO, Amancio López Seijas, begins its journey with a portfolio of 3 hotels.

1978 .- It sets up a Central Reserve Mini with only two employees to the front. Also, throughout this year incorporated the first Hotusa hotel partners and the company published its first brochure.

1979 .- The founding members invite other partners to join the fabric of society as shareholders. First is a so HOTUSA Council or Committee.

1980 .- HOTUSA holds its first General Assembly in the town of Castelldefels Barcelona.

1981 .- This year is revealed in the history of the company, which assists with their own stand at the 1 st edition of the International Tourism Fair (FITUR) held in Madrid and began its international expansion with the addition of its first hotels partners Italy and Portugal.

1982 .- The Central Purchasing HOTUSA in Barcelona started its activity. Also, the firm continues its growth beyond the Spanish borders through the market entry of new French and Portuguese settlements affiliations.

1984 .- The company opened its first office in Rome shopping abroad and entered into the segment of 4-star hotels.

1987 .- Opening of the Delegation of Portugal sales and opening of the Central Purchasing this country.

1988 .- France begins to operate its own Central Reservation

1989 .- The Country Galo has established itself as an important market for the company and opened his own Paris Central Purchasing. This coincides with another happy event: the figure is exceeded breaks Million by HOTUSA reserved.

1990 .- It is the Company DIANA HOTEL, with the aim of bringing together all those operations that directly manage the company.

1993 .- start HOTUSA Corporate Training Plan, a comprehensive and elaborate program of theoretical and practical courses aimed at partner hotels.

1994 .- The 64 establishments FAMILY HOTELS integrate HOTUSA structure. That same year, the turnover of the company's reserves totaled 30.05 million euros (5,000 million pesetas).

- The chain introduced a shift in its policy of expansion and its first steps in management and direct use of own facilities, a business that happens to complement their traditional activities such as hotel chain partners. Thus, integrating the first hotel under management: The Holiday Village Monte do Gozo (Santiago de Compostela, A Coruña), a residential complex of almost 500 rooms.

1995 .- The company, which already exceeds the 2 million farms, enters the hotel Representative KEYTEL shareholders.

1996 .- EURONATUR is created umbrella brand mountain establishments offer active and adventure tourism.

-London opens its own Central Reservation.

1997 .- HOTUSA Launches First Total Quality Plan for independent hotels.

The Secretary of State for Trade, Industry and SMEs chose HOTUSA, as a representative of independent hotels in Spain, as a company engaged in the development of this ambitious program.

"The company also introduced a new brand to its portfolio. SEAS is a standard that meets all HOTUSA beach facilities and is clearly focused on tourism and family vacation.

"The value of stocks HOTUSA than 60, 1 million euros (10,000 million pesetas).

2000 .- Hotusa continues to expand its European network and integrates a new office in Austria.

2001 .- Nace Trade Office in Greece.

2002 .- HOTUSA 25 years and has established itself as the leading independent hotel chain in Europe with nearly 1,000 partner hotels in 19 European countries. Also, check your reservation center reaches 92 million Euros (over 15,000 million pesetas) and mean overnight stays per year is close to 3 million travelers.

In the magical date of 20/02/2002 is open the first 5-star establishment GL managed directly by the company, the Eurostars Grand Marina Hotel, located on the World Trade Center complex in Barcelona.

2003 .- During the year, strongly reinforces Hotusa hotel portfolio with the addition of more than 200 new stores to its network of partners and with the opening of 4 new hotels to its line of direct exploitation, the Hotel Ciudad de Cordoba Gran Madrid Hotel, Park Hotel Maximilian and the Regent Hotel. The company also consolidated its innovative project portal and launches the brand new Domus Selecta, created to meet the demand for luxury tourism. In June, coinciding with celebrations of the XXV Assembly, HOTUSA celebrates its Silver Jubilee.

At the end of the year, the turnover of the reservation center reaches 230 million Euros and the average annual number of overnight stays is 3 million travelers.

2004 .- HOTUSA a process of modernization renewing logo design company and launching the new look of your portal. In his line of hotel association has more than 1,200 partners, while the hotel management division of the organization has 43 hotels already in operation and expects to open 4 new stores in the coming months.

Also, the Hotusa Group is incorporated and the Alliance Exceltur acquires 50% of hotel reservation website, and Travel majority stake Baixas.

2005 .- The company welcomes the new year with a superb balance. The portfolio of partners in the company achieves the 1500 locations in 30 countries in Europe, Africa and Latin America. Also,

Group rises 45% revenue to achieve the figure of 385 million Euros and was officially launched Eurostars Hotels, the brand of direct operating facilities of the organization, with a portfolio of 29 hotels located in 5 European countries.

2006 .- With revenues for the year 2005 in excess of 450 million Euros, the organization began in 2006 with the objective of moving forward in its strong commitment to internationalization, globalization and diversification.

In the central division of Reservations, Hotusa has a portfolio of over 2,000 hotels in 84 destinations, of which over 360 were added during the past year. Also, the line of hotel operation over 50 stores and has begun its landing outside the borders of the European continent, with the acquisition of a hotel in Mexico City

The remaining Group companies offer also positive balances, with growth close to 20%.
2007 .- In 2006, the turnover of the Group companies amounted to 32% to 601 million euros. Highlights the remarkable growth of its hotel management division in both number of establishments and sales.
The company entered the U.S. market with the purchase of its first two hotels in Manhattan (New York): The Dylan Hotel and the Exchange Hotel. Both establishments are part of the Eurostars Hotels chain. Similarly this division breaks in the resort with the purchase of two resorts in the Mexican Caribbean (Hotel Vista Real Eurostars Blue Tulum) and Argentina (Hotel Cataratas)

In October, the Group started the celebrations of its 30th anniversary with a gala dinner at the Eurostars Grand Marina Hotel attended by over 400 people in the world of tourism, business and politics.

2008. - The company's turnover for 2007 reached 714 million euros, up 18% compared to last year.
In February, the Hotusa is owned by Elysees West Hotels, a chain of independent hotels has 92 partner institutions in France.

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