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History of NTT Software Corporation

NTT Software Corporation was founded in July 1985 when NTT became a private company after being a government organization. His first business was the design and construction of state of art on a large scale and software for information and communication technology for NTT Laboratories.

Since then, NTT Software has developed a variety of advanced technology products and free development of a large commercial dial network services system, the system operation and maintenance DIPS development services was transferred from NTT Laboratory and service Web development platform (Webber), etc. In addition, NTT Software provides network services, total system integration and system solutions.

1985 NTT Software Corporation was founded with capital of 200 billion yen.

Advanced Release 1988 free software service marking the first development of a large commercial network services system.

DIPS 1990 operation and maintenance of system development services was transferred to NTT NTT Software Lab.

1995 Office opened in California, USA.

1996 began to market the WWW service development platform (Webber).

Seishiro Tsuruho 1997 was appointed President and CEO.

1998 The capital was increased to 500 billion yen.

1999 Established subsidiary, NTT SOFT SERVICE Corporation.

Certified November 2000 privacidad.NTT branded software formed a strategic partnership with webMethods.

2002 Became the first company certified ISMS Japanese.

2003 Shigehiko Suzuki was appointed Chairman and Director General and obtained ISO 14001 certification.

2004 Obtained ISO9001, ISO14001, ISMS and certification for company-wide total management system (TMS).

2005 Headquarters moved to Tokyo, Shinagawa

2007 Seiichi been appointed President and Director General.

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