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History of Coca Cola

It would be easier to find a needle in a haystack to find someone who does not know Coca Cola, according to its current owners the world consumes 94% of Coca Cola, it pays to know its history and its more than one hundred years history endorse the success of this refreshing drink.
An inventor and pharmacist of 54 years old named John S. Pemberton found the formula for success on May 5, 1886 in the city of Atlanta, at the beginning of marketed as a tonic for the brain and nerves selling at 5 cents on Jacob Pharmacy owned an average of 9 units per day. Your accountant and partner Frank Robinson named the new product as Coca - Cola, and designed the logo with his calligraphy thought that the two "C" would be effective in advertising. To become famous drink in 1886 was offered to its creator sell in the United States. He accepted and sold the formula of your product in a few $ 2300 to Asa Candler in 1891 who promoted and sold Coca-Cola out of the state of Georgia.

In 1892 Asa Candler created The Coca-Cola Company with an initial capital of one hundred thousand dollars The trademark was registered on January 21, 1893 at the office of industrial property registration in the United States.
On December 28, 1899 met for the first time all company employees, a total of 20 people. Currently it is estimated that directly or indirectly working for Coca-Cola an approximate total of more than 8,000,000 people.
In 1899, Benjamin Thomas and Joseph Whitehead and attorney John T. Lupton Candler signed with the first franchise to bottle and sell Coca-Cola throughout the United States and in 1906 was bottled for the first time in Cuba and Panama
The three partners who had the rights divided the country by area and began to re-sell the rights to bottle Coca-Cola to local entrepreneurs. In 1909 there were nearly 400 bottling plants in the U.S. although some only opened during the summer months, that was when there was greater demand for Coca-Cola.

In 1915 Alexander Samuelsen from the Root Glass Company of Indiana, thinking of a female silhouette distinctive bottle design we know today, the company sought to unify glass bottles and distinguished from imitations of Coca-cola
Asa Candler sold the company in 1919 to Ernest Woodruff for anything less than $ 25 million. Robert Woodruff, the son of Hernest, was the biggest driver of Coca-Cola took office in 1923 and made Coca-Cola the best known brand in the world. In 1926 the Department created a sales abroad and in 1928 Coca-Cola was already in over 30 countries since the beginning of World War II (1939) Coca-Cola already present in 44 countries.
In 1945 with the aim of supplying the drink to the soldiers of World War II created a can of Coca-Cola. The word Coke was officially registered as a trademark, although it was used since 1941.

Currently sold in over 200 countries and an estimated 10,450 are consumed every second units of the product, not bad considering that initially the inventor lost 25 dollars and its sales were $ 50 and costs $ 75.

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