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History of BIC

1945 - Marcel Bich, who had been production manager for a French ink manufacturer, bought a factory outside Paris and began the company with his partner, Edouard Buffard, as a manufacturer of parts for pens - fountain pens and pencils. See the enormous potential of the pen that offers both quality and excellent cost / benefit.

1950 - Marcel Bich pen launches in Europe, calling it "BIC" version shorter and easier to remember your own name.

1956 - BIC began operations outside Europe opens in Brazil. Launches M10 Clic retractable ballpoint pen.

1958 - Recognizing the universal appeal that has mass-produced pen, Marcel Bich turns his attention to the vast U.S. market and buy the Waterman Pen Company in Seymour, Connecticut. BIC also begins to develop in Africa and the Middle East. In 1963, Waterman-BIC move to the building used today in Milford, Connecticut, which is currently home to BIC Corporation.

1959 - bought the Swedish company is Ballograf ® pens.

1965 - BIC enters the Japanese market.

1969 - U.S. BIC offers a diverse line of BIC promotional products for corporate advertising and gifts. This activity is currently led by BIC Graphic USA.

1972 - BIC happens to have shares traded on the Paris Stock Exchange on 15 November.

1973 - BIC has diversified its activities with the launch of BIC ® Lighter with adjustable flame. With its quality and reliability, the product becomes a success.

1975 - Not content with revolutionizing the world of writing habits and catch fire, also creates BIC disposable razor that offers a quality shave a fraction of traditional systems. BIC ® Shavers currently controls a significant market share of disposable razors.

1979 - Acquisition of Conté ®, industry felt pens and pencils. BIC acquires a barge company, Tabur Marine, which is becoming BIC Marine.

1981 - Marine Launches BIC windsurf Dufour Wing

1985 - BIC launch the BIC ® Mini Lighter. Becomes Marine BIC BIC Sport.

1992 - acquired BIC ® Wite-Out Products, Inc. and is preparing to launch a full line with Wite-Out ® brand. BIC launches Softfeel ® Ball Pen.

1997 - acquired BIC Tipp-Ex ®, the leading European correction products, and Sheaffer, a worldwide brand of premium writing instruments. BIC Graphic Europe offers a diverse line of BIC promotional products for corporate advertising and gifts.

1998 - launched more than ten BIC stationery products including BIC ® NS Fine, Wide Body ™, pens MV Erasable ™, pencils and Softside Great Erase ™ ™, Bold ™ Softfeel permanent marker and correction tape of Wite-Out ® brand. Also do the company launched the electronic igniter BIC ® Spicy with vibrant colors, home SureStart ® lighter with child protection and BIC ® Plus ™ razor. From 1998 until now, CITROEN, the famous French car manufacturer, launched in partnership with a limited edition BIC SAXO model: the Saxo BIC.

1999 - BIC launches new stationery products including pens, BIC ® Cristal Grip ™, Round Stic Grip ™, Atlantis ™ and Softfeel ® Jumbo Rollers Softfeel ®, aussi Softfeel ® Finestyle and Tipp-Ex ® Mini Pocket Mouse ™. The two leaf blade shaver BIC ® Softwin ™, launched in Greece and Italy has a unique moving head, and two bands lubricants and non-slip handle.
2000 - was opened a highly advanced writing instrument factory in Marne-La-Vallée, France. BIC also launched a variety of new products: pens with special features such as BIC ® Cristal ™ Colors, Sensi Grip ®, the Intensity ™ gel roller pen, liquid ink highlighter Technolight ™, a new sponge applicator for correction fluid, and concealer pencil Tipp-Ex ® Shake 'n Squeeze. The shaver BIC Softwin ™ was launched in new countries like the United States in March and France in May.
2001 - BIC continues to launch new products Stationery BIC ® Cristal ® Pocket, e.3, CONTE ® triangular Plastidecor ®, BIC ® lighter and shaver Megalighter BIC ® Comfort Twin disposable.
BIC increases its presence in Eastern Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia. BIC sells GUY Larrocha, fashion company, and continues to streamline its stationery products business.
2002 - continue to produce with the force of our classic products, leading to new markets and launch new value-added products such as pens GRIP BIC ® CRISTAL ® and VELOCITY ®, BIC ® Z4 rollers, GRIP ROLLER ™ PASTEL INTENSITY, INTENSITY ™ METALLIC, FLUO and INTENSITY INTENSITY ™ ™ CLICK CONTE pencil EVOLUTION ® TRIANGLE, correction tapes TIPP-EX ® / BIC ® WITE OUT EXACT LINER ™ ®, BIC ® Lighter Styl'it support; BIC ® SPORT kayak.
2003 - continue to expand our geographic presence and offering high quality products at an affordable price to consumers. Releases of Cristal Pocket Pens & Writing Scented Fine, Cristal ® Gel, Velocity ® Gel Grip Permanent Marker, Pencil Fun: Atlantis ™ and BIC Matic, and Micro Correction Tape TIPP-EX ®. The lighter line Luminere large multi-purpose lighters. Launch of the first disposable razor 3 pages: BIC Comfort 3 ™
2004 - BIC continuous commitment to innovate, introducing new products with more modern designs like the Z4 ™ highlighter or marker board and perfecting Grip Velleda smoother writing in traditional products. BIC strengthened its partnership with Disney releasing the product line coloring BIC ® Disney Magic Artist. The camera Crayons with Conte ® began marketing under the brand BIC ® Kids. In Shavers, BIC launches first triple blade disposable shaver designed exclusively for women, BIC ® Soleil ®. In Sports, BIC extends line with Yakka Kayak, a kayak that can be folded semirigid. Stypen acquisition, a French manufacturer of pens feather quality and the acquisition of Kosaido, a distributor of BIC in Japan. Bic sells Ballograf business.
2005 - BIC BIC launches line of Select, writing products of added value, in triple blade razors lna launches disposable BIC Mens Comfort 3 Advance and Women's triple blade BIC Soleil with mango essence in its grip.
2006 - Separation of functions Charmain and CEO, the appointment of Mario Guevara in the position of Chief Executive Officer taking effect in March 2006, Bruno Bich serves as President of the Council. BIC opens a writing instrument manufacturer in Shanghai, China subsidiary in Turkey. BIC continues to focus on developing products that meet the needs of consumers In Library Launches BIC 2 in 1 product called BIC Duo consisting of more than a highlighter pen, this product is launched in the U.S. under the name tells. In Europe launches Easy Click a fountain pen for school children easy and fun to use Continues to investigate and on shaving products such as triple launching BIC Pure 3 Lady sheet.
2007 - BIC Graphic USA BIC Group subsidiary acquires Atchison Products, Inc., a supplier of promotional products, such as bags, backpacks and coolers in the U.S. BIC Group offers innovation. In razors, BIC ® Soleil ® Clic / System, the first female shaver with interchangeable cartridge and the BIC Comfort 3 ® Action, a new men's shaving, are implemented. In lighters, the new multi-purpose product Megalighter BIC ® Next Generation ™ creates a stir. In Stationery, the BIC ® Easy Clic ™ refillable pen lateral filling system. The dingy O'pen Part BIC BIC Sport receives recognition Bateau Blue (blue boat) that encourages innovative technologies in order to help protect the environment.

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