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Ford History

Henry Ford is launching its first vehicle, the Quadricycle to drive through the streets of Detroit and is forced to ask the mayor a special permit for movement, which was the first U.S. driver's license and Ford becomes the first city to have driver's license.

Later, the Ford Model T appeared in the history of the October 1, 1908, a black-colored car that Henry Ford called it, the universal car. It became the symbol of a low-cost transportation and reliability that could cross, when other vehicles and horse carts were left stuck in muddy roads. The Ford Model T won the approval of millions of Americans, who affectionately called him, Tin Lizzie.

The first Ford Model T two-door was sold at $ 825 dlls. For 1912, the company Henry Ford was 7.000 cars sold throughout the country. But most amazing is that during the 19 years of production, Ford continued to drop their prices because of efficiencies in manufacturing including assembly line introduced in 1913.

In 1914, Henry Ford began producing a commercial chassis that was literally a Ford Model T devoid of any structure except the sheet covering the machine, radiator, front fenders and headlamps.

In 1918 the U.S. president. UU. Woodrow Wilson personally asked Ford to Henry to run for election to the Senate by the state of Michigan as a representative of the Democratic Party. Although the nation was at war with Ford as a politician was a pacifist and advocate of the League of Nations. So in December 1918, Henry Ford became president of his company to his son, Edsel Ford. Henry, however, maintained its authority over final decisions and sometimes changed some of the decisions of their child. Henry and Edsel purchased all remaining shares from other investors that full ownership of the company was in the family.

Besides its attractive price, the Ford Model T stands out as the first global car industry. By 1921, 57% of global car production were produced by Ford.

In addition, the Ford Model T went on road in 1909, he traveled 4,000 km to Seattle in 22 days, or 321 kilometers on average. Ford from 1909 eliminated the rest of its production to focus exclusively on their Ford Model T, which sold 15 million vehicles until 1927. It is estimated that in 1920 half of registered vehicles worldwide are of this model.

The Tin Lizzie's original engine had 20 horsepower four-cylinder, reaching a maximum speed between 40 and 45 mph (63 - 73 km / hr) and weighs 1.200 lbs. Had a consumption of 13 to 21 miles per gallon.

From the outset, the Ford Model T provided the strongest structural support for commercial vehicles and delivered maximum utility at a great price. The Ford Model T chassis was simple, strong and lightweight with a unique three-point suspension that isolated the frame and powertrain of the impact of the road, on other less sophisticated chassis design would cause bending under heavy loads.

The Ford Model T included news that other vehicles in the competition was provided as the wheel located on the left side, technological advances and the whole engine block, crankcase and crankshaft in one unit, using an alloy steel resistant vanadium.

- "The spirit that came from the Ford Model T, is now in force in everything we do at Ford," Fields said, - "Because of that spirit, Ford continues to offer affordable high quality products and technology for the masses" -.

On December 18, 1999, the Ford Model T was named "Car of the Century" by a panel of 133 experts in motoring journalists that began with a list of 700 candidates in 1996 and sequentially reduced the nominees through seven rounds of balloting over three years.

The manufacturing chain, with which Ford revolutionized the automobile industry, was a gamble, since only viable if a lawsuit was able to absorb its massive production dimensions of U.S. market offered a framework, but Ford also correctly assessed the purchasing power of average U.S. man at the gates of the consumer society.
In Novimebre, 2009 Ford-leading provider of cars for the police in the United States, announced it will develop a new special vehicle that replaced the classic in 2011 Crown Victoria, the model currently equipped with numerous security forces and entered into service in the mid 1980's. Ford, which sells about 45 000 police vehicles a year, has been defining the key attributes of the new vehicle, which still do not know its name or its characteristics, resistance, comfort or performance.

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