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Casio History

Casio's Story begins with Kashio Seisaloujo in Tokyo, the four brothers of the family in 1946 Kashio put the cornerstone of one of the largest electronics companies succeed in the world.

One of the first successful products of Kashio Seisaloujo is a mouthpiece for cigarettes.

In late 1956, the brothers decide to file your computer in Sapporo. However, on the way to Haneda airport, where you embark the machine, run into unexpected difficulties. An airport employee to protest the size of the device and is committed to dismantle the structure, including screen and keyboard. The two brothers suddenly pale, and can not operate the computer. Despite their protests, must ultimately dismantling. Arriving in Sapporo, trying in vain to re-compose.

Shortly after the brothers returned home, completely dejected, a company representative Uchida Yoko Co., Ltd will make a visit to examine the computer. In the past, the company commissioned Uchida Yoko Seisakujo Kashio supplies, so it relies on the dependability of the Brothers Kashio. So, seven years of invention is still worth it. Uchida Yoko gets the exclusive sales rights in June 1957 the brothers founded the company CASIO Computer Co., Ltd. President appointing his father, Shigeru. Since then the company designs and manufactures relays based calculators.

In 1957, with the invention of the first calculator Toshio Kashio, the company was the first in Japan to manufacture calculators series. The same year the name was transcribed into English company, was founded in Tokyo Co. Ltd. CASIO

In 1965, Casio wowed audiences with the launch of the first electronic desktop calculator with memory. It was then that the company also began to miniaturize their products with great success, thus contributing, shortly after its founding, the undeniable proof that the future was the world of electronics and that was almost going to play a role.

As one of the first manufacturers of watches, Casio watches began making giving much more than an hour.
And in 1976 created a digital wristwatch with ten functions adicionales.Cuatro years later managed to integrate an electronic calculator on a clock.

With great dedication, Casio continued to work on the ongoing development of its technology until it became, in the watch market, synonymous with functional sports watch: the worldwide success of the models G-Shock and Baby-G is just one example it.
The strategic direction of the range of products the company is focused in the areas of mobile computing and multimedia.CASIO uses its technology leader in miniaturization and product development to further strengthen its presence in the mobile electronics market, thereby expanding continuously their applicability.

There are subsidiary CASIO Co. Ltd. in the United States, Canada, Britain, Malaysia, Taiwan, South Korea and Germany, among others, with annual revenues close to 3,500 million dollars traded worldwide calculators, personal organizers , handheld computers, digital cameras, keyboards, portable color TVs, watches, cash registers and other consumer electronics.
1,000 million calculators
In January 2007 Casio announces that it has sold 1,000 million calculators since 1965 when he developed the first electronic calculator in the world, the Casio 14-A, which used electrical impulses instead of mechanical switches usual at that time.
"Having sold 1,000 million calculators is a sign of trust with our customers around the world in Casio products, and I would like to express my sincere gratitude for this support," said President and CEO of the company, Kazuo Kashio.

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