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Carlos Slim History

Son of Julian Slim Haddad, Lebanon's Maronite Christian, who at age 14 arrived in Mexico without speaking Spanish in 1902 and from Lebanon arrived in Mexico Julián Slim Haddad, Carlos Slim Helu's father fled from the yoke of the Ottoman Empire, which at that then forced the youth to join his army, which the exiled mothers to their children before they reached the age of fifteen, he landed at Veracruz and from there went to Tampico, Tamaulipas, which were rooted and four of his older brothers since 1898 (José Elías, Carlos and Pedro Slim) with the conviction to go forward with the country that had received. Julián Slim came to have a nearby National Palace called "La Estrella de Oriente" Togetherwith his brother Joseph, a family store named after their roots in the Middle East. Soon became a prominent entrepreneur and leading to huge commercial success, and became owner of more than 11 properties around its original business.
The mother of Carlos Slim Helu Linda Atta, was born in Parral, Chihuahua, the daughter of José Helu and Wadiha Atta, Lebanese immigrants in the late nineteenth century came to Mexico and then to travel to different cities, decided to established in the capital. José Helu Mexico brought the first printing press in Arabic and founded one of the first magazines for the colony Lebanese community in this country.
Carlos Slim Helu is a civil engineer, graduated from the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico UNAM, where he also taught Algebra and Linear Programming, this matter was while attending the race, that is, was a student and teacher at a time. From a young age began to invest in buying businesses, which gave him success, as well as the sale of real estate in downtown Mexico City.
In the early eighties and in the midst of a crisis that crippled Mexico and historical capital flight, "Mr. Slim" ("The Inge Slim" or "The Sugar Slim" as it is also mentioned) and his group were the only ones strong investment in the country, acquiring several companies to "very good price" in complicity with the government of the day described as highly corrupt.
Mr. Slim is a nationalist businessman who is always concerned about the great causes in our country. Examples abound, such as reconstruction of the historic center. Of course, Mr. Slim has hundreds of properties there, which have increased in value thanks to the beautiful remodeling. The problem is that the goodwill to which we took, was to us as the works were done with our taxes.

Carlos Slim has said repeatedly that this stage of the country and reminded him what happened his father Julián Slim, when in 1914 and in full Mexican Revolution bought his brother the remaining 50 percent of the business they had in common, called La Estrella East, and in Mexico and believing in his destiny. "If my father, in full revolution, the country shaken, not even a family, with roots abroad, and without giving you the time, relied on Mexico and its future, why would not he do it myself," said Carlos Slim in some interviews.

The activity of Carlos Slim has diversified in various sectors. In 1997 it acquired the shares of the computer company Apple Computer, just before the release of iMac, getting multiplied his fortune.
In 1997, Prodigy became a U.S. internet provider. Carlos Slim was able to make this company a powerful server for various Internet services to achieve a partnership with MSN, launching a portal in Castilian hand in hand with Microsoft. This, soon would become a leading portal in Mexico.
On September 10, 2008 purchase 6.4% of The New York Times, that is 9.1 million shares worth about $ 123 million dollars. According to Slim is a movement purely financial and not a strategy to enter the world of American media. With this stake becomes the third largest shareholder of the company after the Ochs-Sulzberger family, who have held the controlling interest the Times since 1896, and hedge fund Harbinger Capital Partners.
Mexican tycoon Carlos Slim is the second richest man in the world after Warren Buffett with a fortune estimated at 67,800 billion, after overtaking Microsoft founder Bill Gates Corporation.
Material extracted from Wikipedia and official site of Carlos Slim

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