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Burger King History

BURGER KING was born in Miami, Florida in 1954 by two entrepreneurs named James McLamore and David Edgerton. The co-founders, who had extensive experience in the restaurant business before embarking on creating a joint venture, believed in the simple concept of offering customers quality food served quickly, at reasonable prices, and in a clean and attractive .
From day one, McLamore and Edgerton established the tradition of creating innovative products with the effective management of restaurants. Many of his decisions have proved almost visionary. For example, the decision was taken in 1954 to pack the products BURGER KING on paper, it was years before environmental issues became a problem in the restaurant industry.
In 1957, the Whopper was introduced at a price of $ .37, and became an immediate success. "Burger King" discovered a fact which remains true today: Customers prefer the taste of grilled hamburgers Burger King '.
To the extent that the BURGER KING increased in popularity, McLamore and Edgerton continued to expand. By 1961, they were managing 45 restaurants throughout Florida and the Southeast United States.
In 1966 it opened its first international franchise in the Bahamas, about 90 percent of BURGER KING restaurants are owned and operated by independent franchisees, many of which are family owned which have been operating for decades.
In 1967, BURGER KING, the company was acquired by Minneapolis-based Pillsbury. Had 8.000 employees working in 274 BURGER KING different locations, and the best was yet to Llegar.BURGER KING, the first fast food chain introduced kitchens, offered its customers a self-service that began operating in 1975. The self-services currently account for 50% of BURGER KING business.
In 1989, the Pillsbury Company, including Burger King Corporation, was acquired by Grand Metropolitan PLC. GrandMet gave a new spirit, new technologies and new concepts throughout the BURGER KING. With the support of GrandMet, Burger King continues its growth in the nineties.
In 2002, BURGER KING is taken over by Texas Pacific Group, Bain Capital Partners and Goldman Sachs who return to basics with a specialized focus on key products, organization and customer satisfaction.
Today, BURGER KING is the second largest chain after McDonald's fast food, has over 300,000 employees spread over more than 11,000 restaurants in 65 countries, sold 15 million customers worldwide WHOPPER 1.7 billion a year, This means more than 4 million per day.

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