martes, 18 de enero de 2011

Avon History

The company was founded in the United States in 1886 by David H. McConnell, a New Yorker who at sixteen was selling books door to door.
In his travels, found that McConnell was not always well received with their products, so he got the idea to give each potential client a "product that caught him" in the form of a small bottle of rose oil perfume. He discovered that women preferred the smell of books, so in 1886 he founded the California Perfume Company, headquartered in New York.
The company prospered and Mr McConnell decided to start building your own sales force, recruiting and the first woman Minister of the story, Mrs. Florence Albee of Winchester New Hampshire, who was traveling by train, horse and foot to sell Avon and recruit other agents.
In 1926 he published the first catalog of natural-size photographs of the products.
In 1928, McConnell launched a new product line called Avon, name taken from the English city of Starford upon Avon. The products were so popular that in 1939, decided to change the name of the company by the Avon Product, Inc.
Avon is the world's largest company in the areas of anti-aging skincare, fragrances and makeup, and sales in excess of eight billion dollars annually. Fortune magazine lists amongst the leading companies and its shares are traded on major world stock markets.
It has more than five million representatives worldwide. With its simple and proven method to achieve economic success, is a unique opportunity for representatives of more than 100 countries.

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