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Avianca History

On December 5, 1919 in the city of Barranquilla (Colombia), Germans Kaemerer Werner, Stuart Hosie and Alberto Tietjen, and Colombians Ernesto Cortissoz (the first president of the Airline), Rafael Palacio, Cristóbal Restrepo, Jacobo Correa, and Aristides Noguera, founded in the city of Barranquilla (Colombia), Colombian-German Society of Air Transport - SCADTA, which made the first flight between Barranquilla and the nearby town of Puerto Colombia, aboard a Junkers F-13 which carried 57 letters. The first commercial airline founded in Latin America and the second in the world.

On June 14, 1940 in Barranquilla, a notary public, signed the articles of association of National Airways of Colombia SA - Avianca, through the merger of SCADTA, and in American hands and SACO, the Colombian Air Service.

Since 2004, Avianca is part of Synergy Brazilian business group with activities in different countries of Latin America and the United States in the fields of oil exploration, gas and telecommunications.

The responsibility that means being the first on the continent and one of the most recognized images of the country in the world have meaning for Avianca's commitment to stay ahead in technology, products, services and coverage.
He did so to make the first flight between Barranquilla and the nearby town of Puerto Colombia aboard a Junker F-13 with 57 cards on board to open the first international routes from Colombia, in the mid 20's, by incorporating regular most modern in the aviation industry, from the Boeing 247 and DC-3 in the 30's, DC4 and C54 in the 40, Constellation and Super Constellation in the early 50's, Boeing 707 and 720 in the 60, the Jumbo 747 in the 70's.

Then early 80's, putting the service of a modern air terminal passengers exclusive operation of a Connections Center in Bogota in 1998.

Year after year Avianca has kept the air transportation of mail, cargo and travelers, dodging all obstacles, guided by the desire for open borders and always innovating to maintain the best possible customer and building the strategic location of Colombia and the benefits that implies for point to point transfers and connections.

Avianca is part of the Synergy Group, a South American aerospace group created in 2003 and directed by Germain Efromovich.6 The group also has six airlines subsidiaries, 7 three in Colombia, one in Brazil and one in Ecuador: Helicol, SAM, Tampa Cargo, September 8 OceanAir and VIP, in addition to Capital Airlines in Nigeria, as in Peru Wayra until its liquidation in 2006.

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